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CMYA Hong Kong 2018 Judge Panel Dinner

CMYA Hong Kong 2018 Judge Panel Dinner

Construction Manager of the Year Awards (CMYA) Hong Kong 2018 Judge Panel Dinner was successfully held on 11 January 2019.  In this pleasant evening, the distinguished judges included representatives of senior executives of government and semi-government departments, construction related organizations, senior representatives of professional institutions and organizations and academics of universities.

Mr Charles Mung, the CIOB (HK) Chair expressed a warm welcome to the judges and gave a brief introduction of the profile of the CIOB and the Hong Kong Hub.  Mr HF Wong , Chairman of CMYA Hong Kong 2018 organizing committee introduced the background of CMYA, including the awards categories, the milestone activities, scores calculations and short listing assessments criteria, etc. which were well covered in the CMYA judge booklet distributed to the judges in the dinner.

Thank you certificates were also presented to the judges as an appreciation of their generous support to the CMYA Hong Kong 2018.

The CIOB (HK) expressed our thankfulness to the judges for spending their invaluable time in this pleasant dinner meeting.