Main Contractor: Techoy Construction Company Limited

Project: Transformation of the Former Police Married Quarters Site on Hollywood Road into a Creative Industries Landmark

Contract Sum: HK$354 millions

Jury Report:

The Jury remarked that it was a highly complex and innovative revitalization project in a confined site with multi-dimension challenges.

The Jury remarked that the Project Manager was required to maintain close collaboration and involvement with design team and made contemporaneous decision on site which could not be foreseen. Furthermore, the archaeological proceeds hampered construction progress, and unforeseen time was required to co-ordinate which different Government departments and statutory bodies.

The jury appreciated that the Mr Shut possessed good knowledge on technical skills and the project successful execution demonstrated skillful management and thinking out of the box in resolving technical issues. The Jury opined that Mr Shut was competent to lead the project to deliver the complex work involving heritage and new construction.