Main Contractor: Chinney Construction Co., Ltd

Project: Main Contract Works for Revitalization Scheme – Conversion of Mei Ho House as City Hostel

Contract Sum: HK$186 millions

Jury Report:

The Jury commented that it was a moderately complex project with a short construction period, and appreciated that the Project Manager has delivered a thorough and well organized presentation. Furthermore, the Jury remarked that Mr Lo has demonstrated his competence to manage difficulties arisen from the site constraints and heritage conservation requirements; with well integrated implementation of design intention and incorporation of operation requirements upfront.

The Jury opined that the manager’s in depth understand of design objective resulting satisfactory outcome with modern provisions. The project’s successful execution demonstrated skillful management and high technical competency.

As for the unforeseen works extended outstand site boundaries with time constraint, extra time was required to meet statutory bodies and government department requirement. The Jury advised that this serious impact of external factors on programme could be partially identified if more extensive research was conducted prior to engagement.