Main Contractor: Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd.

Project: Chun Yat Street CLP Substation

Contract Sum: HK$166 millions

Jury Report:

The Jury remarked that the Project Manager was a very well seasoned expert in construction management as demonstrated in his strong passion for teamwork, and continuous improvement in work processes covering built quality, environmental protection and socially responsible construction practices. Furthermore, the Project Manager’s proactive management was with good results as demonstrated on various key aspects including safety, NEC contracting and subcontractor / labor management. The Jury opined that the nature of term contact had not given Mr Wong too much practical challenge, but was impressed with the Project Manager’s building rapport with the Client’s organization and to his fully understanding of Client’s requirements and working smoothly with Consultants to achieve very effective project outcome. The jury appreciated that Mr Wong’s commitment in the project fully demonstrated how a good Construction Manager will contribute and add value to the success of a project