Main Contractor: Hip Hing Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project: Design; Build & Operate District Cooling System to Kai Tak Development Area

Contract Sum: HK$1640 millions

Jury Report:

The Jury remarked that this was a complex Design-Build-Operate project, and the Project Manager has demonstrated his ability to perform the demanding role of the JV-in charge of the contract. Furthermore, the Jury opined that Mr Za was a very capable and solid construction manager, as demonstrated in his strong technical capabilities and management techniques to manage the team to deliver effective results.

The Jury opined that the Project Manager has presented the complexity of the project, and shown his commitment and heart to the project. However, the Jury considered that Mr Za could inform more on his contribution on quality apart from quantity, and problem solved in his capacity.

Overall, the Jury appreciated that the project manager has delivered good management in all areas among different contract stakeholders.